Since his literary debut in 2003, Khemiri has divided his life into silent writing periods and loudmouthed talking phases. During writing periods, Khemiri declines all invitations. When lecturing he has accepted invitations to libraries, literary festivals, teacher conferences, art museums, theatre symposiums, youth centers, music festivals and jails. He has lectured in France, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Turkey, Belgium, South Africa, Iceland and the US, where he has participated in the PEN festival in New York, Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley and the National Book Festival in DC where he held a key note in 2016.

Khemiri lectures in Swedish, English and French. In libraries he speaks about his books. When visiting universities he talks about antiracism, his growing up in a multilingual family, hip-hop influences and the importance of reading critically. At teacher conferences he talks about language and power, at music festivals he reads short stories, in jails he speaks about words as a liberating force. 

For speaking engagements, please contact Sarah Watling at the Wylie Agency. Right now Khemiri’s writing periods (aka the silent phases) seem to become longer and longer.

Keynote delivered at the National Book Festival in Washington DC, 2016. 

Open letter gone viral. Lecture at Bonnier Grid 2015.