Hösten 2017

Samtidigt, i ett parallellt universum, långt från skrivbubblan:

  • Augusti: Konstnärerna Goldin+Senneby är med i Greater Together-utställningen på Australian Center for Contemporary Art i Melbourne, Australia. Långnovellen Standardlängden av ett mirakel läses upp upp på utställningen.
  • 6-8/9: Reykjavík International Literary Festival, Iceland.
    Wednesday, September 6, 8:00-8:50PM
    Iðnó: The Politics of Language
    A discussion with Jonas Hassen Khemiri and Auður Ava ÓIafsdóttir. Moderator: Rosie Goldsmith
    Thursday, September 7, 12:00-12:30PM
    Nordic House: Everything That I Don’t Remember
    In conversation with Jonas Hassen Khemiri. Moderator: Rosie Goldsmith.
  • 8-10/9: Festivaletteratura, Mantua Literature Festival, Italien.
    SAB 09 14:45
    Jonas Hassen Khemiri con Fabio Genovesi
  • 15/9: ≈ [Almost Equal To]  har premiär på Pillsbury Theatre, Minneapolis, USA.
  • 16-17/9: Livres dans la Boucle, Festival du livre, Grand Besançon, France.
    15h00-16h00. Dédicaces.
    16h30. Maison Victor Hugo. L’Univers de Jonas Hassen Khemiri (Tout ce dont je ne me souviens pas, Actes Sud). Textes lus par Quentin Dolmaire. Animé par Kerenn Elkaïm.
    17h30-18h00. Dédicaces Maison Victor Hugo.
    18h15-19h00. Dédicaces au Salon du Livre.
    11h30. Maison Victor Hugo. En Mémoire. Dialogue entre Isabelle Alonso (Je peux me passer de l’Aube, Éditions Héloïse d’Ormesson), Jonas Hassen Khemiri (Tout ce dont je ne me souviens pas, Actes Sud) et Karla Suarez (Le Fils du héros, Métailié). Animé par Antoine Boussin.
    12h30-13h00. Dédicaces Maison Victor Hugo.
    14h00-15h15. Dédicaces.
  • 22/9: Vi som är hundra har premiär på Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn, Schweiz.
  • 14/10: Invasion! har premiär på Sogn og Fjordane Teater, Førde, Norge.
  • 21/10: London Literature Festival, Southbank Centre, London, UK.
    Noon: World on the Brink: What Can Words Do? 
    What role can words, stories and poetry have in seeing us through uncertain times? From the fate of the natural world to seismic shifts in politics, our collective future appears to hang in the balance. 
    Leading authors from the Nordic region and Britain talk about what words can do to change the world, including Sofi Oksanen, Jonas Hassen Khemiri and Kamila Shamsie. 
    2:00pm: Home is Elsewhere
    Meet three bright talents from across the Nordic region who are expanding our understanding of the place we call home.
    When do we know we are home? In our interconnected times, is home a physical place, a state of mind, or a memory? What does it mean to be caught between more than one home? And what if our physical home is a prison we want to escape?
    Jonas Hassen Khemiri (Sweden), Pajtim Statovci (Finland) and Kamila Shamsie seek to answer these questions in this talk.
  • 25/10: Föreläsning Sandviken bibliotek.
  • 1/12: Apatiska för nybörjare har premiär på Theater Ulm, Tyskland.
  • 6 december: Föreläsning Mölndal bibliotek.